The Society is exempted from Tax under Section 80-G.
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The Society is exempted from Tax under Section 80-G.
No.- 80G/ 212/ 2007-2008 DT. 23/11/2007.

For Jain students hostel Shri Siddakshetra Jain Balasharam was established in the year 1906( Veersavant 1962 ) with only 4 students in premises of shri Jain Shreyskar Madal and then Digmbar Dharamshala and there after in Bhidbhajan Mahadev building in the city by late Shri Chunilal Narandas Kanuni.

During course of time strength of student was increasing as such it was necessary to have our separate buillding. Thanks to late shri Thakur shaheb,shri Bahadursingji Maharaj - The naresh of Palitana state. who genrousy donated a big open plot of nearly 10,000 squre yards. And recent buillding of hostel was contrucation in year 1934 and open for all jain community students.

Thakur Shaheb was always inspired by neatness, well manners and the commitment of the students towards studies . He was really happy to see the Balasharam children’s sitting in front row and he often called them in his palace and distributed Prizes to them. This reflects his interest towards education. Shree Siddhakshetra Jain Balashram is always blessed by holy Sadhus, Sadhvijis and others.

The Temple of Shree Sankeshwar Parshawnath Bhagwan is in the campus of the organization established in 1992 for the developing spritiual activities among the students.

The Balashram holds library with the aim of making it a model educational organization. It contains number of Periodicals, Monthly and Annual Magezines etc. Regular debates , quiz contest and meetings are held for developing self confidence among the students. Religious lectures of Pujya Muni Maharaj are often arranged.

Sheth Kunvarji Mulchand Shah Vyayamshala holds Modern Equipments for Exercises. The Students are experts in exercise and yogas duly trained by Physical Education Teacher.

Religious Education is given by experts and the students keep fast during holy month of Pariyushan. Pilgrim of Giriraj is arranged once every month. The students take active part in pariyushan performing various activities in the Dharamshala and receive blessings.

With the aim of implementing computer education to the students the Balasharam runs Shri Virchand Phulchand Shah Computer center. This helds the students to stand with the outside world in this field.

The progress of the organization is continous since last 108 years with help of selfless services of Donars, committed workers, Ex-Students etc. This is one of the oldest organization in Jain Community. Subordinate trust shri siddhakratre education society runs Primary Secondary and Higher Secondary School. namely Utamchand Changalal Gandhi Primary and high secondary school and Chatrbhuj Motilal Vidhyalay Secondary High school,Where Balasharm students take there education from standard 5th to 12th. At present 1100 students are taking there.

Presently 100 students are residing in the organization and take school Education and religious education out of which 90% are getting their education free. Those paying the fees is nominal as compared to expenditure incurred therein. Till date 4000 students have taken their education here and many have become good businessman, Doctors, Engineers, Chartered Accountants etc., The Students have gained Diksha which is pride for the organization.

During recent days there is great demand for Higher education . There are two seats reserved in the name of Past Student Union in Mahavir Vidyalaya who wish to take higher education after S.S.C. or H.S.C.

Looking at the costly education during recent days we give educational loans to the students who are plannings for the better future in the area.

We look forwards for your valueable help in rebuilding this organization . We also welcome your valueable suggestions and invite you to visit us whenever you happen to visit Palitana. The organization runs many scheme for donation and you can take opportunity to take benefit from it.