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The Religious routine of Siddhakshetra Jain Balashram students:

In the holy place of Jains ‾ Palitana,where crores and crores Sadhu Bhagwants that is the jain monks have attained Moksha, from the last 108 years We have an institution named "Sri Siddhashetra Jain Balashram" which not only preaches school knowledge but also preaches about Jainism and creates interest and faith towards the religious spirituals and beliefs.

In this modern and fast moving world to preach about the religion, its spirituals, beliefs and about its purpose and principles is as important as the worldly knowledge provided in the school. This institution is such an example of both school as well religious knowledge.The students wake up at 5:30 early in the morning and recite the Navkar Mahamantra together. After reciting the Mahamantra they all go to the sankheshwar Parshwanath temple and offer prayers to God as stutis and stavans that is in the form of short poems and songs. After this they have bath and do pooja in which they offer the chandan,milk and flowers to God with their own hands.Then they are taught religious sutras,small stories which inspire them to dedicate themselves to religion,They are taught songs,poems and also play games through which they can easily remember and memorise the tough sutras etc.

During the paryushan Mahaparva(which is the most important festival celebrated by the Jains) the students go to different places in Palitana where there are jain monks and nuns and there they do their rituals,prepare pooja and also do Pratikraman. Pratikraman is the most important ritual of Jainism, it is done twice a day one in the morning and the other in the night before going to bed. The purpose for doing this ritual in the morning is that we are asking the lord to forgive us for hurting the small insects during the night while sleeping and for the bad thoughts which have come in to our mind, the same way the purpose for doing it in the night is that we are asking the almighty lord to forgive us for hurting the small insects,people around us and also we pray that every single organism lives happily. The students of Balashram do this ritual in the holy presence of these great monks and nuns. They recite all the sutras as directed by the monks and nuns. They do fast according to their power. some do ekashna(eating only once in a day and drinking boiled water before sunset),some do biyashna(eating twice a day and drinking boiled water before sunset),some do upvas(only drinking water thought the day and before sunset),some do upvas for two of there days also.

As soon as they return from the school they all gather in the temple for Aarti and offer prayers to Lord Parshwanath in the evening. In this institution everything is done according to the principles and regulations of Jainism. Just for example we have been told not to eat green vegetables and do pratikraman for five days which includes two Ashtamis,two Chaturdasis and one Panchami. The students eat only after the sunrise and before sunset. The institution also take care to it that the water is not wasted as we all know that water saved today is only going to be the source for tomorrow. Presently ther are 100 students doing their schooling here out of which nearly 50 students have by hearted the two pratikraman sutras,Ajit shanty, atichar, and many more tough sutras. Nearly 50 students appear for the yearly religious examination conducted by the Poona board.In the holy temple of Balashram every month they recite and do snatra pooja(the celebration done during the lord’s birth) with great enthusiasm and joy.

In this way this institution has successfully imparted religious as well as school knowledge since the last 108 years. This institution has been serving Jainism more than 108 years and is doing a great job, it is religion dedicated institution and has helped to spread Jainism through out.

Today this institution is an example for the others and people working here and working for this institution are worth to be thankful for giving their precious time and money. This institution has been provided funds and is also managed by the passed out students.